Many Chief Executives of medium sized companies say that scaling their business is crucial to enhance their sales, profit and market value of their company.  Yet not many achieve a consistent >20% annual growth rate (i.e. scale their business).  The FastGrowth Scale Programme inspires and assists you and your company to achieve a >30% annual growth each year.

The purpose of our FastGrowth Scale Programme is to assist you to implement 3 powerful FastGrowth Strategies in your business.  These are:-

  1. Inspire your effective people to scale the business
  2. Scale your productive and profitable business
  3. Significantly increase your ideal sales to scale the business

For each strategy there are 6 FastGrowth Scale Projects for you to select your priority projects for your business.  Your investment in our FastGrowth Scale Programme depends on the number of people that you employ and the duration of the Programme.  Your return on investment in time and money in your FastGrowth Programme is exceptionally high.

Christopher Bayliss


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